Custom Fitted Tablecloths



Custom Fitted Tablecloths slide right over standard size tables to help you transform your event space.

If you’re outdoors, you’ll never have to worry about stray gusts of wind.

And no matter where you are, the paneled design always keeps your tablecloth (and everything on it) right in place.

Our Custom Fitted Tablecloths come in our polyester display material. This fabric is mainly used for indoor table display. The material is flame retardant to accommodate the qualifications of many convention centers. What is the difference between the full print and the logo print? Our printed tablecloths are completely customizable.

Design your own Custom Fitted Tablecloths and stand out at trade shows, farmers markets and other events! Our custom logo tablecloths are available with the best designs. Choose one of our professional designs to make you a professional!

Create a custom logo tablecloth and stand out at your next outdoor event! With I Go Design’s custom tablecloths you won’t have to worry about wind gusts and everything will stay in place.

Stand out at a trade show, farmer’s market or any event with a custom I Go Design tablecloth. Choose one of our professional designs.


Size: (4′) (6′) (8′)


Production time 1-4 working days depending on the quantity ordered.


• Send us your company logo and design
• We offer a variety of designs
• Designable front overhang and side panels
• Full-color, dye-based printing on white fabric
• Machine-washable, reusable 4 oz. polyester material
• Call us at (626-861-9307)